Four Things you will Need for Realignment and Cultivating Fallow Ground in 2015

By Dr. Jason Carthen

As we enjoy the final moments of 2014, I am reminded of just how important it is for what I like to call “Realignment.” 2014 has been filled with meetings, appointments, work, responsibilities, relationships and any number of things that have pressed into our personal and professional space. For that reason, the opportunity to align our priorities in 2015 is vitally important to our success.

In modern times, the term “Fallow ground” is used to communicate a time of needed rest when referring to crops or a time that should be set aside for renewal because of the depletion that took place throughout the year. If the farmers did not allow the ground to rest, then it would produce fewer and fewer crops until finally, it would no longer produce any at all.

We have this same dynamic taking place in our daily lives as we are pushed left and right to make quotas, reach sales targets and produce consistently, hence, why it’s vitally important that we remember the “Fallow Ground” metaphor as we get ready to launch 2015.


I have placed 4 key words and behaviors down below that help me to keep things in perspective when work begins to press in and deplete me of reserves. Enjoy!

Rest: Research suggests that when you are not getting enough rest, your body does not function properly and begins to decline. For example, your sleep patterns & energy levels are depleted and then your immune system is compromised leaving you more prone to sickness.

Recharge: Take a moment to step away and to catch up on needed sleep while cultivating healthy habits that will support your daily responsibilities and the demands of your life. This is meant to be “your time” and should allow you to engage in activities that will allow the renewing of Spirit, Body and Mind.

Retool: What are those projects or continuing eduction opportunities that you have been putting off? Now is the time and this is your moment to explore them if it will allow you to add another dimension to what you are already doing both personally and professionally. The opportunity to retool also stretches you as an individual and helps you to remember that it is better to grow rather than become stagnant in your development.

Relaunch: Finally, it is time to dive back in without inhibition, harness your focus and confidence with the new-found energy that you possess along with the heightened focus from proper planning to make your dreams a reality. Now, when adversity comes your way, you will be ready for it because you have taken the necessary steps to overcome your fears and take care of yourself both internally and externally.

Thank you all for staying connected with me all year! Please know that I am very appreciative of each of you and I am looking forward to continuing the conversation in the New Year. In the interim, what are you doing for realignment in your life?

2 thoughts on “Four Things you will Need for Realignment and Cultivating Fallow Ground in 2015

  1. Jason,

    I always enjoy your Monday Morning Leadership Minute. Today’s post was very insightful, inspiring, and applicable as I continue development of the school. I will be in touch soon.

    • Dr. Murphy, thank you for this comment & answering your call to help others. I stand ready to help with the school. Let’s plan to connect and have you on my radio show very soon. Keep the comments coming and please share this Blog with others!

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