Dr. Jason_Carthen_Headshot

Jason Carthen Enterprises was founded by award-winning speaker, author and media personality, Dr. Jason Carthen.

Jason is an international speaker, author, media personality, and philanthropist. He is described as a “Speaker of Life”© and hailed as someone who has overcome very difficult odds to positively impact thousands through his speaking, community focused initiatives and philanthropy. He has earned a reputation as a caring, compassionate individual who puts the needs of others before his own.

He has been hired to speak and train with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to help their teams produce change and go to the next level in their development. As a bold and articulate speaker, his stories cross generational, socioeconomic and cultural lines while providing rich imagery and metaphors that cut right to the heart of the subject matter. You will not be the same after taking part in one of his training sessions or hearing a keynote address.

Dr. Carthen has published in the areas of Leadership, Business, and Motivation. He consistently provides audiences with a sense of hope and optimism regardless of their circumstances.